McDonald’s Just Won the Second-Worst First Date Place

It’s at least not number one.

<p>Angela Hampton Picture Library / Alamy Stock Photo</p>

Angela Hampton Picture Library/ Alamy Stock Photo

A few months back, someone asked The r/NoStupidQuestions Subreddit: Dinner at McDonald’s It would make a great first date. “If you are 12-13 [years old]”Yes,” one commenter said, but most other responses cautioned against including the Golden Arches in the first night out.

This is how many people feel. Tombola, an online bingo site based in the UK, asked 11,000 members to list their worst first dates. McDonald’s This was a high ranking position.

However, only 20% respondents Respondents ranked the movie theater as the worst first date spot. A Mcdonald’s meal came in second with 13% calling it their worst.

:The Fine Art of a First Date at a Bar or Restaurant

Tombola was told by Jessica Alderson (CEO and cofounder of dating app So Syncd), that McDonald’s is known for being convenient and cheap. “Not only is it bright and noisy, but there are also children around. These factors don’t create a romantic environment that allows you to feel intimacy.

These are the remaining Top 10 Most Ill-Advised First-Date Locations

3. Staying at home (7%)
4. Going to your parent’s home (4%) 
5. Restaurant visits (4%) 
6. Going to a bar or pub (4%)
7. Swimming (3%)
8. Watching a match of football (soccer), 3%) 
9. 2 % – Attending a funeral
10. Going to the Park (2%)

Although we aren’t sure how something that involves crying and an open casket can be better than a Double Quarter Pounder. However, the people have spoken. Alderson states that dining out at restaurants can be a problem in the beginning stages of a relationship.

“Some people see.” [a restaurant] It is too intense to be a first date because it can be costly and you are expected sit for extended periods of time not knowing if you will get along.” she stated. “You can leave a drinks date quickly if you feel that you are not compatible. But if food is involved, it’s best to stay.

We don’t know where to take the person you’ve just met to McDonald’s, McDonald’s, bars, restaurants, pubs or bars. One legend claims that her Hall of Fame-level love affair began with a visit to McD’s. Dolly Parton: “When I met my husband he wanted me to go out to dinner.” told People 2018 “He pulled up at the drive-in window to get our food from McDonald’s.”

Parton and Carl Dean were married for nearly 57 years. This is one serious McSuccess story. Also, if it’s good enough for Dolly Parton, then — let’s be honest — it’s good enough, period.

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