Rapper who took a photo of himself at Jan. 6 Riot to cover his album was sentenced to five months in prison

A Virginia rapper who used a photo of himself at the Jan. 6 insurrection on the Capitol to cover his album “The Capital,” was sentenced to five months in prison by a federal judge Monday, according to WUSA9. He was detained on March 11, after authorities learned about his cover art.

Bugzie is seen holding a blunt high atop an SUV while the riot intensifies around him.

After rejecting a plea agreement in October 2021, the rapper, who is actually Antionne Brodnax pled guilty four times to misdemeanor charges. Prosecutors asked that he spend 21 months in prison due to his criminal record, as the 39-year-old’s history includes prior felony convictions in Virginia and Maryland for manufacturing a controlled substance and possessing a firearm as a person convicted of a felon.

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The Justice Department also stated that Brodnax was entitled to an extended sentence for deleting evidence on his phone. He had promised to send videos and photos of the attack to FBI. U.S. District Judge Paul Friedman ruled Monday that Brodnax had willfully obstructed justice’s administration.

“He’s had a problem historically with following conditions imposed upon him,” Friedman said, referring to Brodnax’s criminal record and the fact that he was on probation for another crime when he entered the Capitol on Jan. 6.

The rapper’s attorney, Mary Maguire, argued for a probationary sentence followed by a period of home detention. She described Brodnax as a “great community asset” and entrepreneur as he started his own clothing line and music label.

Brodnax was eventually sentenced to five-months in prison and one year of supervision.

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