Romesh Ranganathan claims he has experienced suicidal thoughts

Romesh Ranganathan has opened up about having suicidal thoughts. (PA Images via Getty Images)

Romesh Rangethanathan spoke out about his thoughts of suicide. (PA Images via Getty Images).

Romesh Ranganathan He has shared with us how he had suicidal thoughts as a child.

44-year old comedian and TV star stated that he had reached a point in his life where he “thought about taking my own lives regularly”.

Open your eyes to the Diary Of A CEO podcast, he said: “I’ve got loads of memories of reacting really badly to things, irrationally, over the top reactions.

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“I remember I didn’t do very well in my A Levels because I was just p****** about and then when the A Level results came, I just thought, ‘This is the end. I can’t carry on with my life.’

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 26: Romesh Ranganathan attends

Romesh Ranganathan said he hears a negative voice inside his head. (Getty Images – Warner Bros.

“I was thinking about taking my own life regularly.

“There were loads of times during that period when I thought about it, I did think about it a lot, and I’d fantasise about it.”

“I would spend time considering it,” he continued.

But, the TV star claimed that he was able to handle things better as he grew up.

Ranganathan, the father of three children, also said that he had heard a “horrific” voice in his head.

He said, “I’ve got like this inner voice, which is horrifying …”,” he added.

“I will always have this inner belief that I’m a bit sh****.”

Romesh Ranganathan is known for being on The Weakest Link. (BBC)

Romesh Rangeanathan is well-known for being on The Weakest Link. (BBC)

He admitted that sometimes he could be down on his own and that that would lead to a negative voice saying negative things.

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He explained that it would mean “you’re not a very great dad, and you’re not a very well husband”.

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